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Recent Comments

  • M1st3rN0b0d7:

    Please release x265 !

  • x265Addict:

    @both its working for me though.

  • iDunno: ' 'We know you’re looking for water, But sorry dude, this is a desert!'-Openload
  • meridian:

    Thanks for the info, Apy.

  • uncabrian:

    What's up with the Openload links today? None are working on any downloads.

  • AlyssaP:

    If you tag videos, do it properly, ie. include same info as in filename, please.

  • DarkPassenger:


  • Anony Mouse:

    @ admihn

    Links are dead

  • x265Addict:

    There is no opeload and clicknupload links?

  • Apy: A warning for everyone - this Chinese release is censored. The runtime of the uncut theatrical versi...