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Member's Area Discussion

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@Rapidfire he wasn't talking about Rapidshare, duh. And Rapidshare doesn't even exist anymore. Do you think Admin can resurrect the dead host? LOL

RapidRAR progressively got slower and slower, it was about 50kbps a few months ago AND the wait time was fairly short.

Now RapidRAR is pretty fast about 600kbps and the last time I checked the wait time was 10 hours between downloads. Now the wait time (if this guy is correct) is about 7 hours.

Faster downloads vs. longer wait times.

That's the trade off I was talking about.

Admin does not require anyone to buy RR premium and they don't offer links to ONLY RapidRAR so I don't think it's all about the money.

Certainly running a site like this is not easy and the owner of the site should make a profit otherwise the site would close.


having to wait 7 hours for RR,,, I have seen wait times over 17 hours - even though I have not visited RR for weeks !!!
,,, and down speeds vary depending the day from moderate fast to piddling dribble slooooow of less than 10kb !!


Yup and that only proves my point.

Rapidshare is dead and gone. Get over it.

If you want fast free downloads you download from Openload.

If there's a problem with Openload you chose another fast free host. At times that host can be RapidRAR.

If you download lots of files each day then sure maybe you'll have to wait for RR and the new 7 hour wait.

I don't download lots of files and use Openload most of the time, but if all else fails RR is now an option.


Also if you haven't used RR or OL in a long time you don't know what you're talking about.

I've been using RR on that rare occasion when OL isn't working for me and I've always gotten acceptable speeds of at least 500~600kbps sometimes even faster but never slower.

If you're smart and don't have premium then you can use RR once every 7~10 hours (whatever the new limit is) and use the other fast free hosts this site provides.

There are other tricks to get around any wait time period between downloads you just have to be smart enough to know what they are.


Hi there, any idea when msd releases will come back?


is there a chance you could upload David Lynch's 1993 Series "Hotel Room"?


Hey Guys Could You Encode Episodes 3,6,7 & 8 of the Show

Thanks in Advance..


@Admin Why aren't you uploading RARBG's WEB-DLs?
GRIMM 6X02, SLEEPY HOLLOW 4X02 and EMERALD CITY 1X03 and many are available there but still i'm waiting for you to upload. Looks like you stopped uploading RARBG's releases again?
Reply Plz

look please

new release 20 jan 2017
xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)


@Admin Good day guys, thanks for all the work you do, just wanted to ask if you could add to the links you use.




I wanted to see Deep Space Nine again before the Start of the new Star Trek Show, but Season 5 RapidRAR Links are offline.

All the other Season are fine and where re-uploaded 31.12.16, exept Season 5.

You would help me alot with this one.

Live long and prosper!

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