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Recent Comments

  • kev:

    Thank you

  • TheGoodLeech: Dodgy audio. Music soundtrack comes through stronger than spoken audio.
  • josesito:

    Yes please, release a smaller version.

  • Admin:


  • HD Fan: Wait a minute.... my not-caffeinated-enough brain just realised that on this Windows box I had the g...
  • xxlxx:

    pls release in 480p x264 small size.

  • HD Fan: Thanks. I'm back visiting via the other users, I already use alternate DNS servers. ...
  • Dagnammit: Great video quality but unfortunately the audio goes out of sync for about 20mins at the 44min mark.
  • Admin: Episodes added to title page: LINK X265 are on the way... Thanks
  • Admin: @TomMix,